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LEDLET's  Summer Scheme 2018: discovering the legal profession from debating to marshalling a judge  Aim High! 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this invaluable experience and opportunity to gain an insight into studying law as well as for a career. I extremely recommend this to anyone considering law and I am so happy that I sent off my application, even though I doubted myself at first. Thank you!" Jenna.

"The placements were, at risk of using the word again, amazing! To work with a top law firm AND the [Welsh] Government Law Office is just an experience that wouldn't be available otherwise." "There was no free time, and that's exactly how it should have been, Not a single minute was wasted." "A truly once in a lifetime experience. It has offered me so much clarity on my future. The placements you're given are with the absolute best. Do this scheme, you won't regret it!" Cain.


"Superb week. It was clearly planned very intricately and the timetable was highly detailed There was never a moment where I didn't know where we were going or doing due to the consistent information with which we were provided." "This week has been one of my best experiences in my life so far. Being from a family without lawyers, developing connections was one of my aims, and I certainly wasn't disappointed." Anon.

"I am very grateful to have been selected for this scheme. Everyone who was involved in organising it worked extremely hard to allow us to fully experience legal London and gain a real insight into law. Something that that I would have never experienced if it wasn't for this scheme." Aysa.

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