I have sent in my application but not received a reply, what should I do?                         
All emails are replied to; send an email without your application to check if your emails are getting through


I cannot download the application form, what should I do?

Contact LEDLET at the email address on this website for help and assistance.


I have a problem filling in my form, what should I do?

Contact LEDLET at the email address on this website for help and assistance.


How will I travel to London for the Summer Scheme?

Travel is by train from your local station to one of the London mainline stations.


How do I pay for the train fare?

The cost of the train fare is covered by LEDLET.


How do I book the train ticket?

The tickets are booked by LEDLET and sent out to your home address in advance.


What should I wear to travel?

The timetable begins as soon as you arrive in London therefore it is sensible to wear business dress as described below (Q20) so that you are ready on arrival at Grays Inn.


How will I travel around London?

On arrival in London you will be met by a representative of LEDLET and given an Oyster card to use during your stay in London on the Underground and buses.


What is an Oyster card?

An Oyster card is the payment system used on all buses and tubes in London.


How do I use an Oyster card?

Each time you take a journey on the Underground or a bus you need to tap your card on the card readers positioned at the entrances to the Underground or on the bus as you board. On the Underground you will need to tap out as well as in for your journey.


What will I do during the Summer Scheme?

There is an example of the week's events on the website showing a typical week.  Events may vary therefore you will be given a more detailed timetable nearer the time when all events have been finalised.


Who will I be with for my placement?

You will be allocated a solicitor for a day and a barrister for a day drawn from volunteers of the Association of London Welsh Lawyers or individual volunteers. You may also spend a day with a judge. NB: Whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure placements do not change, the nature of the legal profession means that on occasion last minute changes may have to be made to your placement due to unforeseen circumstances.


How will I find out which solicitor or barrister I will be with?

You will be given a personalised timetable of the week giving the names of the lawyers you will be with.


What happens during my day with a solicitor or barrister?

This will depend entirely on the work that that the solicitor or barrister has during that day. It may be attending court, meeting with clients or looking at paperwork and seeing how a lawyer spends a day out of court.


What happens during my day with a judge?

In the past this has been a visit to Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice where you will meet with judges and sit in various courts to observe the proceedings. For this placement you will attend as a group and be allocated judges and courts on arrival.


Will I need to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to be able to attend my placements?

This will depend on the individual solicitors and barristers involved. This is a prerequisite for attendance at the Old Bailey


What does 'signing a confidentiality form' mean?

This is a form that you will sign to say that you will not reveal any of the confidential information that you see or hear during your placements. It is an important part of the placement and repeating anything that you see or hear that you should not do is strictly forbidden.


Will I need to bring a form of ID for my placements?

You will need to bring an ID that includes your photograph for attendance at the Old Bailey. It may be needed for some lawyer placements.


How will I find my placements ?

The timetable will have details of the addresses and contact phone numbers and how to find them; you will also need to check this on the web in order to familiarise yourself with how to get there. It is recommended that you put the contact phone numbers in your phone so that they are handy should you need to ring the placement.


How will I travel to my placement?

You will travel by Underground or bus using your Oyster card, or on foot if the location is nearby.


What will I wear for my placement?

For your placements you will be in solicitor's offices, barrister's chambers and sometimes courts, you will therefore be expected to wear smart, plain, dark business dress. This is usually suit, shirt, and tie for male students and similar for female students.


What sort of shoes should I wear?

Shoes should be dark and business like. It is also recommended that they are comfortable due to the amount of walking involved.


What will I wear for the evening events?

Evening events often take place directly after the day's placement and therefore you will continue to wear the same clothing as during the day. Most people attending events will have come straight from work and you will not look out of place.


What happens after evening events in Grays Inn?

After evening events at Grays Inn you will be escorted to your accommodation by a LEDLET trustee.


What happens after evening events outside of Grays Inn?

After evening events outside of Grays Inn you will be escorted back to your accommodation in a taxi by a LEDLET trustee.


What is the accommodation like?

Please follow the link to see accommodation at Grays Inn:  https://www.graysinn.org.uk/the-inn/accommodation. Some students may be allocated accommodation at the nearby Royal College of Surgeons. Please follow this link: https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/venuehire


How much money do I need to bring with me?

LEDLET covers the cost of the week and there should not be any need to bring more than a small amount of money for personal use during the week.


What happens after the Summer Scheme?

After the Summer Scheme LEDLET will keep in touch with you to see how you are progressing in your career and to invite you to any future events that may be of interest.


What should I do if my email address is changing after I leave college?

Make sure that you send in your new email address to LEDLET in order to keep in touch.

I am not sure I want to work in London

The Summer Scheme is not about working in London but experiencing the legal profession to help you chose your career where ever you work.


None of the frequently asked questions answers my query, what should I do?

Contact LEDLET at the email address on this website for help and assistance.





Summer Scheme FAQs


If you are thinking of applying for our Summer Scheme, or are a parent or teacher of an applicant, you may find these FAQs helpful:

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