LEDLET Summer Scheme 2015

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LEDLET's  Summer Scheme 2015 was a great success!

"For all the grandeur of legal London, you'll soon realise that the people are what make the experience so great ......" Alun, 2015 


"LEDLET scheme lawyers showed me that the Law is not just a career for the elite; brains, dedication and character matter more than your postcode." Harry, 2015 


".... this scheme has helped me to grow as an individual and to come out of my shell more and become more confident in speaking in front of large crowds and also one to one with new people. Following this week I found myself amazed at all the amazing things I was able to do thanks to the Lord Edmund Davies Legal Education Trust." Anon, 2015

What our alumni say now:

"I cannot stress how helpful the LEDLET trust is for pupils who desire to study Law - the insight which the trust offers is truly incredible as there are opportunities available which simply wouldn't be possible without the trust. Good luck for the 2017 Summer Scheme!" Lewis, October 2016 (studying Law at York)

" ... really wish could be there to see everyone again. .....know everything will go brilliantly, it's such a wonderful week, students can't fail to enjoy it and learn heaps. One thing the LEDLET week and especially talking to trustees and the mentors teaches you is be resilient and committed.
And we shouldn't be afraid to take time to develop that resilience and commitment.
I've always wanted Law so it might seen odd I chose to do History for a first degree, but I felt I needed to re-build my resilience after being a carer for so long & just enjoy a few years without pressure before diving in."

And also, "Can't have too many Welsh in the Law anymore than you can have too many Welsh in a Lions team." Harry, July 2017 (studying History at Exeter)

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