LEDLET's Summer Scheme 2020
London, and Cardiff supported by Legal Wales.

The title ‘lawyer’ encompasses a number of different professions.  Although they may all work on cases together, barristers, solicitors, and legal executives all perform different roles. Each profession has its own individual route to qualification and, moreover, each may be attractive to different people for different reasons.  


We appreciate that, with so many different career paths, each with its own twists and turns, it is often difficult for anyone to decide which road to take, let alone for those with no prior connections with the law. It is for that reason that we operate the LEDLET Summer Scheme.


The Summer Scheme is the only opportunity of its kind being offered to students in Wales. Applications for up to ten spaces both in London and Cardiff on the Summer Scheme 2020, which will run 13 - 17 July 2020, opens 9th December 2019. You must be under 18 years old at the date of the scheme.


Please apply using the English or Welsh Application Form - for the English Application Form click here. For the Welsh Application Form click here. Please ensure you have read the the application criteria below as only eligible applications will be considered.


Applications Now Open - 
Closing date: 14th February 2020

Up to ten students will be chosen for both the London and the Cardiff Summer Scheme in July 2020.

Students who apply and are not successful may be offered a place on the Judicial Mentoring Scheme (subject to the availability of mentors).

The Summer Scheme is intended to allow those with no connections with, and little or no experience of, the law to experience what is it that lawyers do, so that they may be better placed to decide whether a career in the law may be for them. 


What our alumni say:

"I cannot stress how helpful the LEDLET trust is for pupils who desire to study Law - the insight which the trust offers is truly incredible as there are opportunities available which simply wouldn't be possible without the trust." Lewis White 2015

The suggested timetable for the London scheme is as follows (Cardiff will follow a similar timetable - look out for details shortly):

Date as above:

  1. Morning: travel by train from your local train station to London, where you will be met by representatives of the Trust;

  2. Early afternoon: travel across London by Tube to Gray’s Inn (near Holborn) where you will stay in specially arranged accommodation with the other nine successful applicants;

  3. Late afternoon: attend a talk on ‘Introduction to the professions and legal education’, and take a tour of the legal vicinity;

  4. Evening: watch a "moot" (legal debate) between students at Gray's Inn, followed by a buffet supper with those students. 



  1. Morning and afternoon: spend the first of the three days shadowing a practising lawyer. The first day may be with a solicitor, a barrister, but over the course of the week you will spend one full day with a solicitor and a barrister, and time observing judges in court;

  2. Evening:  attend formal dining session for trainee barristers at Gray's Inn Hall.



  1. Morning and afternoon: spend the second of three days shadowing a practising lawyer; 

  2. Evening: Guided tour of the Supreme Court followed be the Association of London Welsh Lawyers' Summer Party  - venue to be confirmed. 



  1. Morning and afternoon: spend a third and final day shadowing a practising lawyer;

  2. Evening: attend an informal social event where you will be able to speak freely with law students and lawyers in the early years of practice and learn from their experiences


  1. Morning: attend a talk by an admissions officer from a Russell Group university on university applications, which will be followed by an ‘application and communication skills workshop’ and a feedback session; 

  2. Afternoon:  you will be escorted back to your train station for your journey home. 

The cost of all accommodation, meals and travel will be met by LEDLET for the London scheme, and Legal Wales for the Cardiff scheme. The accommodation at Gray’s Inn has been kindly subsidised by the Inn, and all proper arrangements have been made to ensure that the accommodation and related provisions meet with LEDLET’s child protection policy. A responsible adult will be at hand 24-hours a day. 

Application criteria:

LEDLET was established for the benefit of all young people in Wales, or having a connection with Wales, who are, or may be, interested in pursuing a career in the law. Applicants must be under 18 years old at the date of the scheme. We appreciate that even those people who have lawyers in the family will need guidance on their career options, and opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge that will assist them in their endeavours to pursue the career of their choice. LEDLET will of course endeavour to provide that guidance and such opportunities. The purpose of the Summer Scheme, however, is to assist those who do not start from a position of having family connections with the law.    


Accordingly, applicants for the Summer Scheme will:


  1. Have no lawyers in their immediate family, meaning mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, grandmother or grandfather (unless exceptional circumstances, such as absolute loss of contact/breakdown in relationship, apply. Such factors would need to be addressed in any application and we anticipate that they will be rare);

  2. Have little or no prior experience of the legal profession. (Having undertaken some legal work experience e.g. through school, will be not be treated as disqualifying your application);  

  3. Demonstrate why an opportunity such as that offered by the Summer Scheme would not otherwise be available to you (i.e. your particular degree of need for assistance);

  4. Demonstrate intellectual ability. (Applicants will usually be expected to have achieved at least 5 As at GCSE, but applicants not having those grades will not be disqualified automatically);

  5. Demonstrate a high standard of written English or Welsh. (Applicants may apply in either language, and application forms are available in both languages too. Bilingual applicants should decide which language is the one in which they feel they express themselves most clearly and in the most grammatically correct language, and apply in that language accordingly. There is no requirement to apply in the language of your school, be it English or Welsh);    

  6. Demonstrate clarity of thought in your writing. (Express yourself clearly and persuasively);

  7. Demonstrate commitment to the Summer Scheme and a determination to succeed, whether in the law or any other aspect of your life.  


Once you have completed the form and it has been countersigned by your teacher/head of year and parent/guardian, please scan them and submit them to LEDLET in .pdf format by email to:


We look forward to receiving your application: Aim high
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