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 Mentoring Opportunities 

LEDLET mentoring allows students the opportunity, if they so choose, to meet a lawyer and to hear first-hand about life in the law. These opportunities provide an excellent chance for students to quiz legal professionals about a career in law and to begin to create lasting networks. LEDLET is fortunate to have a list of lawyers (barristers and solicitors) who have volunteered to provide mentoring to students. 



LEDLET offers 4 types of opportunity for individual mentoring: 

  1. Each year LEDLET provides a Summer Scheme when qualifying students attend various organised events eg attending trials. The scheme also allocates students to lawyers who have volunteered to mentor students during the week. The students will therefore have the opportunity to speak on a one to one basis to a lawyer (barrister or solicitor) about a career in the legal profession.

  2. LEDLET also offers mentoring to students who applied to the Summer Scheme and meet the minimum criteria for the Summer Scheme but who could not be offered a place on the Summer Scheme. These students will have the opportunity of a mentoring session with a lawyer (barrister or solicitor), of up to about one hour, about the law as a career.

  3. Students who meet the minimum criteria for the Summer Scheme can apply to LEDLET for a mentoring opportunity even though they did not apply for the Summer Scheme. The session is likely to take no more than about one hour. 

  4. There are some limited opportunities for LEDLET Summer Scheme Alumni to meet with judges, who can give a different perspective on a career in the law. 


The above mentoring opportunities mainly provide short term arrangements between students and lawyers, but longer term mentoring arrangements are sometimes possible.  


Further detail about these opportunities is given in The Guide to LEDLET Mentoring Opportunities
If you would like further information about any of the above mentoring opportunities, as a mentor or a student, please contact the LEDLET secretary at Your name and contact details will not be shared with anyone outside LEDLET/Legal Wales without your consent. We may ask you for feedback on the mentoring. 

"Very helpful, gave me not only an insight on what a judge does on a daily basis but also what the role of the solicitor/barrister is in court." Llinos, 2016

"It was a truly inspirational day, it allowed me to gain an insight as to what having a career as a judge, barrister or solicitor includes - this scheme is truly beneficial and has encouraged my career choice for the future." Demi, 2016

"Very interesting and enjoyable. I was lucky enough to see a huge variety which was amazing." Robyn, 2016​

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